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Addams, Eric
Allen, Corey
Anderson, Darryl
Anderson, Iona
Anderson, Milton, Jr.
Anderson, Sidney
Anthony, Sidney
Branch, Corey
Braneon, Stella
Bray, Tommy
Brenson, Alex
Brown, Iona
Butler, Dorothy
Chaney, Kim
Course, Lucille Marie
Craddox, James R.
Dangerfield, Devetta
Daniels, Joseph
Davis, Sheffield, Jr.
Dewhirst, Cynthia
Dilbert, Mellene
Dilbert, Seleena
Doley, Micheline
Dumas, Stelle
Emerson, Ronald
Emilien, Caroline
Flynn, Dayle
Forman, Horace Jr.
Franklin, Robert
Gatlin, Gwendollyn
Graber, Alvin
Hairston, Ivory
Hall, Raymond
Harris, Christopher
Harrison, Elnora
Hickey, John W.
Israel, Irvin
Jenkins, Evelyn
Johnson, Delbra
Johnson, Lawrence, Jr.
Johnson, Leroy
Johnson, Robert Henry
Kelly, Kourtney Ann
Kelly, Marilyn
Laphand, Candice
Laphand, Marcus
Lawrence, Chester
Leblance, Raydell
Lee, Tiffany
Lewis, Timothy
Lucien, Reginald G.
Malvor, Fanny
Manning, Ca'rese
Manning, Dereial
Manning, Nyress
Manning, Tajahnae
Mathieu, Cody
Mathieu, Courtney
Mathieu, Don
Mathieu, Joshua
Mathieu, Megan
Mathieu, Perry, Sr.
McKeavin, Victor
Morning, Errol
O'Neal, Ronald
Perkins, Darrel
Perkins, Steven
Pettis, Charles
Pettis, Richard
Price, Vincent
Revelle, Henry, Jr.
Riley, Herbert
Roberts, Joyce
Robinson, Lloyd James
Rochon, Raymond
Ruth, Harry
Singletary, Louis
Smith Karl E.
Smith, Ronald
Span, Latoya Lynette
Stenlund, Kenneth
Stevenson, Lynette
Stewart, Calvin
Stoddard, Randolph
Warner Millie
Watkins, Marcell
Watkins, Victoria
Wesby, Bobby
West, Cardell
West, Detra Lynn
Williams, Darrell
Williams, Johnny
Williams, Melvin
Wilson, Tory
Winfield, Bertrand

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Hurricane Katrina Survivors  
Mellene Dilbert  
Mellene Dilbert
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Hi everybody. I'm safe in Illinois!

I can be reached at

Mailing Address:
Shelter of Hope, Spruce Hall
7400 W. 183rd St.,
Tinley Park IL 60477

Meleene and Seleena have moved again and are no longer at the above address. No forwarding address is available at this time.

American Red Cross

CraigsList (New Orleans)


PADS (South Suburban Chicago)
(Public Action to Deliver Shelter)

PADS (West Suburban Chicago)
(Public Action to Deliver Shelter)

Salvation Army